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Welcome to Sardinia

“welcome to the land where the wind has made its nest, the land that marks the soul of those who find it, the land of the colorful perfumes, of the long silences and the strong glances.

Welcome to the land that preserve the pact between the sky and the sea.”


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Due to the current health emergency (Covid19) and in order to guarantee all safety regulations, the “Full Day” Excursions have been suspended. For now, only the “Half Day” Excursions will remain active. Thank you.

“Sealives contact the man nature and people together.
It is an opportunity to rediscover the ancestral energy that unites the elements, to share experiences and to return to the pure essence of life.”

Type Excursion

01. Half Day

A solution for people who prefer not to stay all day in the sea.

Period: 4 h

Type Excursion

02. Full Day

The full day is perfect for an intense full day at the sea.

Period: 7 h

Type Excursion

03. Exclusive

The Excursion “Exclusive” plans to explore Sealives everything for you, with a customized tour.

Period: 7 h

Type Excursion

04. Groups

The Special Excursion for the Groups provides two choices, one towards Bosa and the other towards the Asinara.

Period: Variable

Half Day

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Full Day

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Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives

A Day With Us

– We connect people and nature –

Together we will discover amazing angles of the coast, the cliffs, the caves, the falesia and the ancient towers, we will find the most hidden beaches, unreachable from the land; We will meet marine animals and plants, free grown in their environment. You will be part of the wonderful experience that blurs between nature and culture, and in the end we will bring you back with the awareness of making you feel something authentic, unique and memorable, of making you hear the voice of the sea.


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Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives
Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives
Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives
– The gem of Mediterranean –

The Coral Coast

Takes its name from the great amount of red coral that lives in this area, that has been fished and processed from the local craftsmen, since the Roman period.

The structure of the land shows two main categories: mostly flat in the south side of Alghero, alternate in the north, where is located Monte Doglia, which is only 442 meter but still the highest peak of the area. In the extreme west side the bluff of Capocaccia overhangs the harbor.

In this specific area is located the Marine Protected Area of Capocaccia Isola Piana, the casket of our excursions. The landscape is defined by the presence of great calcareous formations, from the cretaceus period, overlooking the bay whit massive cliffs, that reach over 300 m in Punta Cristallo.

The marine protected area is ended in the north side by Punta delle Gessiere and Capo Galera, in the south, and it includes a large portion of sea, up to Porto Conte.


It is divided in tree areas, depending on the level of protection:

• A zone: full reserve – there are two areas of absolute protection, one located in Punta Sant’ Antonio e Cala Porto Agre and the other in the west side of Isola Piana; Inside this areas is not allowed to stay except for authorized scientific purposes;

• B zone: general reserve – includes the portion of coast from Punta delle Gessiere to Cala del Bollo, and from Punta del Cerchio to Capo Galera also;

• C zone: partial reserve – includes the full bay of Porto Conte, except the a small portion used as access corridor, and the part of coast surrounding the B areas.

Our Vehicle: AQABLU

– With Sealives nothing is left to chance –

“AQABLU” is the result of an accurate selection. It is a rubber dinghy, a very versatile boat with very high stability, safe both under way or in static situations. The small draft allows to get really close to the coast and approach many places otherwise inaccessible. On board it has a small shower. It’s fast if needed, we try to reduce the moments of transition and to see as many sites as possible. It’s not huge but neither too small, and we would rather have few satisfied people than too many people on board.

Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives

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