“Sealives contact the man nature and people together.
It is an opportunity to rediscover the ancestral energy that unites the elements, to share experiences and to return to the pure essence of life.”

Type Excursion

01. Half Day

A solution for people who prefer not to stay all day in the sea.

Period: 4 h

Type Excursion

02. Full Day

The full day is perfect for an intense full day at the sea.

Period: 7 h

Type Excursion

03. Exclusive

The Excursion “Exclusive” plans to explore Sealives everything for you, with a customized tour.

Period: 7 h

Type Excursion

04. Groups

The Special Excursion for the Groups provides two choices, one towards Bosa and the other towards the Asinara.

Period: Variable

Half Day

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Full Day

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For a full sealives experience all you need is to jump on board; we take care of everything else. From the snorkeling equipment to the waterproof lights, and the informative material, you don’t need to worry about nothing else except being there. Every guest is covered by insurance from the departure till we go back to the port.