– Giovanni Cossu –

Owner, CEO, Master

Enthusiast traveler and high level surfer for more than 15 years, he probably spent more time in the water than in the solid ground.From his early childhood he was brought to the sea realm by his father, professor of Ecology at the University of Sassari. From his father he acquires a specific way of living the sea, based on the knowledge and the respect of it.

In his boyhood he obtained the the first lifeguard patent, to serve as a volunteer, every summer between the school years, in the dangerous waters of Porto Ferro bay.

Thanks to his surfing skills he turned out to be a valuable resource, capable to perform even in prohibitive conditions.

Afterwards, he completed his higher education at the Nautical Institute of (luogo), to then specialize in a touristic port managing course. He obtained also a scuba diving patent.

Among the many activities he worked for the National Park of Asinara in 2015.

Since childhood he shows a remarkable artistic attitude, that gradually flows into various occupations, from music to writing. He is now a photography enthusiast and video maker.

Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives
Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives
Boat Excursions in Sardinia | Sealives